As you travel along U.S. 395 through Inyo County and Mono County you can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping and much more

As you drive along U.S. 395 through Inyo County and Mono County you can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping and much more in this popular recreation area.

The beauty of the backcountry is that there is nothing to stop you from exploring it completely while you go hiking or skiing. The same holds true in the Eastern Sierra. Large lakes, unspoiled canyons and wonderful wilderness are waiting for you to explore at your own pace and on your own terms!

We can enjoy the beauty of the Sierra Nevada while we drive our car or hike in the backcountry. On this section, we will look at some of these activities under different light.

If you are a visitor to Southern California, you may have heard of Mono Lake and Inyo Lake. The Mono and Inyo lakes are located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They were once some of the largest lakes in the world but they’re now threatened with pollution and overuse. How did they get there?

Over years, people have been fishing in Mono Lake and Inyo Lake on horseback or bare-back riding into them on motorcycles or ATVs. This is annoying the environment by using huge amounts of water that would otherwise remain undisturbed in a healthy lake bed environment. It’s also not good for wildlife: it causes fish kills, which are dangerous for birds and mammals like bears, foxes, skunks and rabbits that depend on these creatures for food!

This article is part of a series on my time in the backcountry of Inyo County and Mono County where I spent a weekend fishing, hiking, camping and much more.

We can find fishing, hiking, camping and other activities in the Eastern Sierra during the winters. We should be sure to enjoy these activities at least once during our travels to California’s other side.

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We have to appreciate that this section is not about the backcountry in general. Instead, we will focus on Mono County, Inyo County and the Mono Lake region. These areas are very popular for outdoor activities and you can enjoy a lot of fun things including hiking, skiing and fishing.

The Eastern Sierra region of California is a place where you can find some of the best fishing, camping and hiking spots in the country. Inyo County, located on the eastern edge of this state, is an excellent place to explore these areas.

Dogwood, huckleberry, aspen, poplar and other trees are a prominent feature in the landscape. But all of them are also very susceptible to harsh winter weather, which is why they come together with their friends and neighbors to form a famous Christmas tree bowl in California’s east slope.

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