Eastern Sierra – lots of places to fish

In California, an estimated 766,000 acres of land is defined as the Eastern Sierra. It covers most of the state’s four-county region.

These areas are home to many very special animals including:

For the time being, this area is known as Sierra Nevada with a population of 846,000. It is roughly 3 million acres in size and includes the entire Sierra Nevada watershed and three major mountain ranges—the Sierra Nevada, the White Mountains and the Inyo Mountains. The highest peak, Mount Whitney at 14,505 feet (4,421 m), is located within the watershed.

The region was home to a large population of Native Americans for thousands of years before European settlers arrived. More recently it has drawn people from all parts of California and from other states from as far away as Washington State and Oregon to engage in resource extraction or tourism on some of its most beautiful landscapes.

The eastern Sierra is a place for horseback riding, backpacking and fishing. Thank to the Gold Rush, many people are exploring the eastern Sierra’s canyons, rivers and lakes to find gold. Most of these trips start in April and go until September.

The beaches and resorts in California’s Eastern Sierra have probably never been so popular. With a new wave of fishing tourists coming to the region, popular species like salmon, trout and bass are making a comeback.

We live in a world filled with so many beautiful places that it seems almost impossible to land yourself in the backcountry of one area and not find something to do. Gather your mount, saddle up your horse and start riding through this wonderful wilderness on an adventure you never thought you could take part of. This guide is designed to give you all the information and advice you need while traveling around the Eastern Sierra Nevada and southern California.

This is a fishing guide for a particular section of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

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The Eastern Sierra, also known as the Sierra Nevada and Sierra Nevada foothills, is a mountain range in the western United States. The Sierra is part of what is called the Pacific Coast Ranges or Centrally Located Ranges. It stretches from northern California to southern Oregon and provides an extensive wilderness area extending over a large area in the state with many picturesque rivers, mountains and lakes.

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